Evaluate your logic and your intelligence with varied tests

Similar to those to calculate an IQ (Intelligence quotient) with logical sequences of :
- Numbers
- Letters
- Dominos
- Figures
- Etc....
Training mode :
There are 10 questions by test. For every question, you have 60 seconds to answer.
If a test is interrupted, it can be continued later.
At the end of a test, a grade is given to you.
Competition mode :
Answer as many questions as you can!
You will be rewarded by :
- 10 points per question if the answer is correct
- From 0 to 10 more points if you answer quickly
Multiplayer mode :
Play realtime against other players.
5 questions to answer within 80 seconds.
The more you answer quickly, the more you gain points!

Useful to train yourself to hiring processes or school exams, recruitment, Psycho-technical tests, series, logic puzzles,
aptitude test, riddles, competitive exam, admission, logical reasoning
Dominosoft - Download QR-Code (Logical Tests)
Dominosoft - Download QR-Code (Logical Tests)
Dominosoft - Download link play store (Logical Tests)Dominosoft - Download link play store (Logical Tests)