Compare your IQ and logic to other players and other countries!

You'll have to battle realtime in a duel against someone else, and find a logic in the series presented to you.
To be fair, you and your opponent will have the exact same questions to solve!
A life bar is affected to each of you, and the first player to empty his bar (or to quit while playing a duel) have lost.
Each good answer saves you time, but bad answers make you lose precious time!
At the end of a game, trophies are won for the winner and lost for the loser, depending on the players strenghts (complex algorithm).

Multiple high scores are available : by person and by country.
It means, while playing for your personal rank and trophies, you are also playing for your country!
Who will be the best? :-)
Which country will be the smarter? :-)

The highscores are for a specific season, and reseted each month begin.
Each month, the first 1000 players and the first 100 countries will receive rewards as "brains" to collect.
It is possible to train with an invited friend, but it doesn't impact high scores.

A tutorial is available to explain how each sequence works with several examples.
Achievements are also available to have other ambitious objectives to reach.
In order to play, a connection to the play Services (multiplayer realtime) is needed.
Dominosoft - Download QR-Code (IQ Competition)
Dominosoft - Download QR-Code (IQ Competition)
Dominosoft - Download link play store (IQ Competition)Dominosoft - Download link play store (IQ Competition)